Tuesday, 5 January 2016

We're Back!

Happy New Year everyone!

It has been a while.

I can't honestly believe it is January, never mind the fact it's now 2016! - stop, stop, stop - wasn't it just 2012?
I found out I was pregnant in January 2014 and ever since the days, weeks, months years have sped by at an alarming rate. Eva is now fifteen months (Ahhhh) and the main reason this blog has been put on the back burner for a couple of months.
 For a start these days it is physically impossible to sit down and concentrate on something for more than a couple of minutes. Eva is tall enough to reach the door handle, (thanks to Daddy's genes) and is always trying to make a great escape. She is a little magpie (Ok, I take responsibility for this one) and likes to touch, feel and eat everything, lately her preferred choice is makeup brushes- brushes that have been dropped into the toilet bowl on more than one occasion! I only have to blink and she's on to the next thing.
A Peppa fanatic, Eva knows Mummy Pig goes 'tap tap tap' on her computer which is a big reason why Blogging can only be done in the evenings, but with this weather..(perpetual rain, grey sky, freezing cold climate) i've taken to curling up on the sofa watching box sets on Netflix with the other half, when i'm not at work of course.

All in all it's been great fun witnessing her change very rapidly from a little baby to what feels like a little girl, the two weeks over the Christmas period we have seen the biggest change in her development, isn't it amazing how quickly they pick up on things and are so aware of what is happening around them?!
 I'm so excited for 2016. So here's to some more highs and lows and more blog posts!



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